Go cart
We went to the Go Karting with Euan's family today. It was Birthday present from Euan. We had enjoyed 2 races today and I can go and join another 2 races. I remember to ride a go cart last time when I was 12 years old that I went to Sugo land in Miyagi prefecture with my family. It was 30 years ago from now. Time passes very quickly....

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I am full
We went to Food Fantasy inside Conrad Jupiters Hotel after Kojiro's swimming lesson. I just paid $29.90 for 2 adults because I had a voucher of this restaurant. It was very good deal. Also Kojiro was free, he was 4 years old at that time... The restaurant is well know as a good buffet restaurant in Gold Coast. We have been here a few times. I have never had a bad meal here. There were so many type of meal and lovely dessert. I ate too much food . Kojiro ate only chicken nuggets and ice cream. Only problem of this restaurant is waiting in line to get in the place every time. This restaurant is highly recommends when you are very hungry.

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We went Mt.Tamborine today. But it was very cold there. We had stayed at coffee shop about 20 minute and headed for Gold Coast.

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We went Ryuho's birthday party today. There were about 15 Japanese and just 1 Australian guy. I forgot to live in Australia. We enjoyed BBQ and many variety food. Happy Birthday Ryuho !

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