Orange class
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A letter
I dropped one of paper when I put a box on the shelf. It was a letter from my grandmother about 6 years ago. She passed away last December. I could not attend her funeral. I was very disappointed it. I lived together till when I was 18 years old. She always looked after me and my brother and sister. She was very kindness, also a strict and tidy person.

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Ten to sen
It has been rain all day. It is good for staying inside home. Unfortunately, we had to go to swimming lesson for Kojiro this morning. Afternoon, we have been stated at home, made a coffee by a syphon. and watched a Japanese drama that is Ten to sen. The leading actor is Kitano Takeshi who is one of my favorite actor. I have never failed to watch every film and drama he appears in. I give this drama a nine of ten.

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