Happy Easter!!

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Sushi x 100
We went to Kazu's house for celebrating our permanent residence visa. Kazu who is a sushi chef, he made 100 sushi for us!!! I was enjoyed eating 100 sushi and a variety of yakitori. Speaking of sushi, Australian people ask me sometime "Can you make sushi?" Because I am a Japanese. I never made sushi before. We should not have any prejudice. I know Brazilian guy who can not play football. I know American guy who name is Michael Jordan. He does not like playing any sports. I know Indian guy who prefer to eat sushi than Indian curry.

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Car accident
I heard a bad news from co-worker that Minori has been car accident. I have phoned Minori immediately. She said she is ok but my car have a huge dent on right back side. While she was trying to turn right, my car was hit by another car this morning. The driver admitted his fault but he had not a driver license, also he has not car insurance. Fortunately, Minori is fine and Kojiro was not in the car. I am going to bring my car to the car repair shop next Monday. We are staying at home during weekend. Have a nice weekend and safe drive!

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Welcome to 40
We went Hide-kun's birthday party. He will turn 40 years old tomorrow. We have celebrate his birthday. There were about 15 kids and 15 adults. We were talking drinking eating together. The party had started at 10:30 am and we has stayed the party till 4 pm. I ended up just sitting a chair. I was 40 years old about 2 years ago that mean I am not young anymore. Anyway it was great time. Happy birthday Hide-kun. Welcome to 40 ages!!

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Bad day
Today was bad day :-( This morning, I did not check a ice coffee machine carefully. A lot of ice coffee blew out on the floor just before opened shop. When I was mopping on the floor, a mop has broken. And during the busy time, I gave our one of regular customer a latte which was not enough hot. And Minori could not pick me up to the shop because she had to stay home today. And then I walked to bus stop where is long way. It is 5pm now. I hope that I have a good night.

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I turned 42 years old today. Happy Birthday to me! I have worked at the Coffee Bug till 12pm. Many customer said to me Happy Birthday because Euan put on a paper which wrote "Happy Birthday Jiro". Tonight, Minori and Kojiro celebrated me . I got many post on Facebook. I am very lucky 42 years OLD MEN :-(

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We went to Hide-kun's house tonight. They have celebrated us because we got a permanent visa and also it is my birthday tomorrow. We ate a lot of Yakitori and drunk sake. We had a great night with Hide-kun's family.

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We went to swimming lesson for Kojiro today. He was very enjoyed swimming and I looked he had full of confidence. I think as he got a new water goggles. Old water goggles did not work well. And then he could not stop getting water into his water goggles. Swimming has become second nature to him. He will probably go up class soon.

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First week of Uni finished. this week was the busiest week ever. I am exhausted, it seems that I will sleep well tonight. I do not have any plan for this weekend. I will watch movie and work out, clean the bath room....

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