Finally, we got a permanent residence visa today!! We can stay in Australia as long as we want to. I found out an E-mail from our lawyer after came back from work. I could not believe when I saw the E-mail because we have been waiting it for over three years. We got a relief now. I am very proud of Minori because she went three English schools and hairdressing school and also business school for applying the visa.

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Good morning
Good coffee and good breakfast...

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Small bike
Kojiro has not been riding a bike last a couple month. Today, we went to the park where it is near my house. He enjoyed riding the bike for 1 hour. I think his bicycle is little bit small for him. I am buying a new one soon.

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It is not an exaggeration to say that Japanese kids like Tomica.
Kojiro has more than 100 small cars and a lot of trains.
He also interested in playing game which Nintendo Wii, DS and games of i pad.
It is very different when I was young.
I was outside all the time with friends.
Now, I am writing my blog, Kojiro is playing the game of i pad. My wife the bathroom.
Have a great night.

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I am reading a newspaper while having pancakes and a coffee now.
It's Sunday today, I have not decided yet what I do.
Fishing? Golf? Surfing?
Actually, I just want to relax my mind and body today.
Maybe, I am watching a Japanese movie.
Have a great day!

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Kojiro started swimming lesson at Miami swimming pool.
He seems scared of water because he drowned in the pool last November.
He is going to the lesson every Saturday.
I hope he overcome fear soon.

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